If you want to hire any hacking service, please, write us to our email address: hi@goldenhackers.com

We are Golden Hackers

Hello everybody. Welcome to our website!

We are Golden Hackers ®, a group of guys with a high knowledge about I.T, and specially about hacking and security. We worked on this for the last 10 years, and now we are the best and most professional company that you can find all over the internet.

We are located in Colombian Flag Colombia, in the cities of Medellin and Cali, however don't matter your location because our services are designed for all the world, regardless of your race, social status, age, or nationality.

A bit of our history…

Golden Hackers ® was started in 2005 by a Colombian called Jose Angel Gil when he decided to offer services for email hacking. In that years, internet was dominated by emails, because the social networks didn't exists yet and cell phones technologies were growing. Time has passed… and the group increased gradually, and then we have added two new services: Facebook and Twitter.
Now, our services are even more than then, including cell phone hacking, that since the last years are occupying an increasingly important place in our life, Cpanel, and hacking courses and classes.
We invite you to explore our Hacking Services, and if you're interested in any of them, hire us !. Golden Hackers ®, the most serious service that you can find, with people with a lot of experience and quality.
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Why hire us?

¿Por qué nosotros? Because if you REALLY want or need a password or any other hacking service, is very unlikely to obtain it for yourself. Probably, before to enter to our site, you've seen others websites on the internet, tutorials, youtube videos, and nothing work for you. And we assure you that nothing will work. Because hacking is complex, it's something that need KNOWLEDGES to do, knowledges that probably you don't have. So, you need somebody with years of experience in hacking, somebody like Golden Hackers ®.
To hack you don't have to follow some instructions step by step, or download a software who magically going to give you your desired password. That type of things are just a simple trick. All the supposed hacking software are viruses and trojans, from people who wanna infect another people to use his/her PC to do fraud, spam, or earn money showing you advices. The supposed online crackers, going to ask you to do click on a link, complete a survey, or send an SMS, to earn money cheating you, and obviously, you will not obtain any password, because they don't know nothing about hacking, because they can't hack anything.
So, the best option is hire a hacker, a person who know about hacking, and without loose time, going to obtain your desired password. Although, like any other service in the world, have a price.

How can you trust us?

We know that trust is something that we've to EARN, and because of that, we've to give you reasons to be at ease with us, and decide to hire our services. And we think that we can earn your trust because we have reasons, and now going to tell you:

What is the difference between us and another people who offer the same service?

There are a lot of differences between us and any other people in the market, but undoubtedly there is a particular thing that sets us apart: we are PROFESSIONAL.

In first place, we don't hide behind a free and unsafe email address (like hotmail, gmail, etc). We use a corporative email address with our own domain name (@goldenhackers.com). It is ridiculous and funny that the same people who tell you that is possible to get any password from these email address, is using one of these instead of use their own and protected email address.

We also have our own website with a paid hosting and a paid domain. We never use free and unsafe resourses.

Like we told you before, we are in Facebook and Twitter with permanent participation. We believe that interaction with people is important to catch customers and demostrate transparency.

Also if you order some service, we will give you an order number with which you can track your order status in any moment through our website.

Another important thing about us is our support. We offer a support of almost 24/7.

Like you can see, you have a lot of reasons to choose us. Or did you saw another service like this?